spenceruk (spenceruk) wrote in fridayfiver_uk,

The Friday one where it all gets a bit scary

fridayfiver_uk is back and this week it's mobile as I'm writing it on the train back from Scotland.  It would have been posted last night except I forgot it was Thursday yesterday... what can I say?  It was a good night!  Thanks to the people that inspired this weeks Halloween/Guy Fawkes style scary fridayfiver_uk, all suggestions for future weeks one's still appreciated. 

1. Trick or treat? 
2. If you were a modern day Guy Fawkes who would you blow up? 
3. What scares you?
4. If I had hiccups what would you do to frighten me? 
5. Friday fill-in: My ultimate baddie of all time would be ____________  
Tags: baddies, history, scary
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