spenceruk (spenceruk) wrote in fridayfiver_uk,

The Friday one with a work Christmas party

Another one of those weeks so it's time for a quick </a></b></a>fridayfiver_uk. Continuing the Christmas theme as we hurtle towards Christmas... thanks to Philip for suggesting the topic and suggesting some questions, hop I haven't tweaked them to much!

1. Where is your work Christmas party this year?
2. If you were getting a secret santa present at work (under £5) what would you hope someone would buy you?
3. Tell us something you have done at a work Christmas do (but make it interesting)?
4. What's the worst thing you've seen someone else do at a Christmas party?
5. Friday fill-in: The worst thing I could do at my work Christmas party this year would be _____________
Tags: christmas, parties, work
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