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The Friday one with bands, bands, bands...

Oops last week didn't happen really did it?  Apologies.  It's just a bit crazy at the moment and I don't always have the time or ideas.  Believe it or not it's really difficult to think up something different every week and five great questions (bearing in mind there should be a bit of a UK theme but there isn't always).  Anyone fancy helping me out - bit of a rota and we could each take a week at a turn?

Thanks to jamesss for this weeks suggestion...  If you have a great idea for what could make a great fridayfiver_uk topic just leave it with your answers.

1. Which band would you like to see reform?
2. What are your thoughts on the Spice Girls and Boyzone reunions?
3. What's the best British band of all time?
4. Which band would you like to see split up and why?
5. Friday fill-in: If I formed a band I would call it _____________ and I would be the ___________
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